Sarah Mattson | Graphic Designer

S'Enso Packaging Design

S'Enso is a brand I developed for my packaging and display course at the University of Minnesota. It is an elegant, high-end soy sauce brand that seeks out the top shelf buyers of premium soy sauce. The packaging design involves a Japanese enso etched into the glass bottle, a symbol of peacefulness and a state of zen. The brand extension includes the original soy sauce along with a citrus and ginger flavor. I created a point-of-purchase (POP) display to showcase the product, as well as to familiarize consumers with the brand.

I also had the S'Enso brand sponsor an event called the Taste of Japan. This annual event is thrown by the Bloomington-Izumi Sister City Organization that runs a delegate exchange program between my home town and Izumi, Japan. My family is heavily involved with the  organization having hosted three delegates, so this is an event we volunteer to help out with every year and is also very dear to our hearts. 

Find your zen.